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Plan and prioritize your races.

An “A” Race is a major race that you are targeting such as an Ironman or your 1st Triathlon Race - you will spend a lot of time in training and preparing for this race. A lot of planning and logistics are involved as this race typically requires you to travel to the location.  

A ”B” Race is still a serious race requiring just as much preparation but less logistics involved - more than likely, this will be a local race. This race can be scheduled several weeks or months before an “A” race.  

A ”C” Race can be considered a “fun” race or a training race - basically, just get up, get changed and have a great time.  An example of a “C” Race is a 5K run/walk.  By all means, an “A” Race could be an Olympic or Sprint Distance race - it is your priority for the year.

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